Mayor Quaiff has once again proclaimed May as Community Living Month in Prince Edward County, which marks a provincial celebration advancing inclusion for people with an intellectual disability in the life of the community. "Inclusion means more about awareness, acceptance and everyone belonging and contributing to our society," Mayor Quaiff shared as he promoted the value of inclusion in our community.

This past year the Board of Directors of Community Living Prince Edward (CLPE) made an intentional decision to change the agency's mission statement to read: "We exist to facilitate the full participation, inclusion, and citizenship of people with an intellectual disability in the life of the community." The word "FULL" emphasizes that it is no longer enough for people to simply be in their community but all people need to be "OF" their community," Susan Treverton, Executive Director. The Mayor's Breakfast was a clear example of how this is made possible as the room was filled with representatives from various service clubs, businesses, recreation facilities, and social clubs. "Each of you are an instrumental part of building communities where everyone belongs. We thank each of you!" expressed Susan Treverton.

Contributing toward the life of the community and its economy is an important goal for many citizens of our community. Having a job or career for people often gives a sense of purpose and direction while having a positive impact on those around you. This holds true for Luke Flynn who has aspired to do just this. Luke proudly shared how much working with the OPP means to him. Anthony Mann with the OPP, shared an inspiring story of what is possible when you look within. He shared how much Luke means to their team. "Luke brings such a contagious and positive energy into the workplace. When I think of inclusion, I think of Team Work. Luke is a part of our team."

Displays created by CLPE employees and an overview by Shannon Coloson, Manager with CLPE gave a first-hand look at how the agency's mission statement is being realized every day as we see examples of where people are contributing members of their community through full participation in clubs, social events, having valued social roles and giving back as volunteers.

Watch throughout the Month of May as CLPE continues to celebrate Community Living Month and advancing inclusion in our community.