Our Vision"That all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community and have the opportunity to participate effectively"

Our MissionTo facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in the life of the community and its economy. This mission is addressed in the context of both advocacy activities and service provision.
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FOCUS Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of Community Living Prince Edward have approved for the organization to proceed with seeking accreditation through FOCUS Accreditation.

FOCUS Accreditation is an Ontario based organization and currently has a customer base of some 40 agencies, many of which are other Community Living organizations. Their accreditation standards were developed in consultation with people who receive service, families, employees and service providers from across the developmental service sector. The standards feature a dual focus on a) the people who receive service and b) the quality of services provided.

FOCUS Accreditation's approach will fit very well with our organizational values and is in keeping with the work that we have done to date with the Council on Quality in Leadership (CQL Canada). We will continue to utilize Personal Outcome Measures as our primary tool for gathering information and planning with people.

There are many benefits for both people who receive service and the organization as a whole to becoming accredited by an external evaluator such as FOCUS Accreditation. Benefits of the accreditation process include:
- Provides validation for the work that we say that we do, which will be substantiated by facts and data and confirmed by an objective third party evaluator.
- Offers assurance to consumers, families and community partners that we are providing quality services.
- Promotes consistency and high performance across the organization.
- Provides accountability and transparency of agency resources and services.
- Provides a framework for achieving and sustaining high quality of services.
- Provides a culture of continuous learning and quality improvement.
- Promotes the organization as a service provider of "choice" in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, as people and families are involved in choosing their supports and services.

We are excited about proceeding with this partnership with FOCUS Accreditation as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that people benefit from effective and efficient quality services. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Nicola Wager or Susan Treverton-Bird at 613-476-6038.

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