Our Vision"That all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community and have the opportunity to participate effectively"

Our MissionTo facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in the life of the community and its economy. This mission is addressed in the context of both advocacy activities and service provision.
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Lucy's Story:
My name is Lucy. I am 9 years old and live with my mom, my dad, my 3 cats, my hamster and my little brother Max. Max is 6 years old. He is very cute and very smart. He likes to play on the computer, spell words with his banana letters, watch his favourite movies, and go to swimming and gymnastics lessons. And, Max has autism.
Before this group, I didn't know any other kids who had brothers or sisters with disabilities. Now I know 4 other kids who have brothers or sisters with disabilties.
One of the first things we did was to think of a name for the class. We came up with names like Siblings and GMDH (which is the first letter of our siblings names). In the end, we picked Sibshop because we thought it was a good word for a rap song.
A game I liked that we played was the feeling wheel. We would throw a pompom on the wheel and it would land on one of the feelings like worried, embarassed, happy or proud. Then we told about a time with our brother or sister when we felt that way. I told about a time when Max hid inside a trunk and we couldn't find him and how that made me feel worried.
Another activity that I liked was called Dear Aunt Blabby. We read letters written by other kids who had brothers or sisters with disabilities who wanted some help to solve some problems. Then we talked about how they might solve the problems. One letter said that her friends did not want to come to her house because of her little brother. We said that she needed to get her friends to understand her brother's disability so they wouldn't be nervous about coming to her house.
When we got to our group, we always sat in a specific chair. I got the couch all to myself.
I really really liked going to this group and seeing my friends there and I hope that Lee and Katie do another group again.