Our Vision"That all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community and have the opportunity to participate effectively"

Our MissionTo facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in the life of the community and its economy. This mission is addressed in the context of both advocacy activities and service provision.
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Youth in Transition

Staff support youth with an intellectual disability with the transition from school to community. 
Supports and Services include:
  • Working in partnership with youth, parents and school personnel to develop a Person Directed Transition Plan
  • Assisting youth with participating in their community and making social connections
  • Assisting youth to pursue employment and/or meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Assisting youth working on various skills ie: life skills, independence, etc.
  • Assisting youth to look at options for post-school educational opportunities
  • Assisting families to apply for ministry funding, utilize their funding in meaningful ways and develop respite plans
  • Broker Ministry funds on behalf of family
  • Providing service coordination and connecting with other community services
  • Facilitating various workshops and training opportunities for youth and parents
  • Summer Students at Work - for youth 16 -21 to gain employment experience
Resources Available to assist with Transition Planning:
  • Transition Worksheets - this booklet assists youth to clearly identify their priorities in areas such as leisure, home, education, employment, social, etc. This booklet is designed to help youth prepare for a Person Directed Transition Planning meeting and ensure their priorities are the focus of the meeting.
  • Life Skills Inventory - this a checklist that helps youth and families identify areas strengths and what areas youth may want to work to promote more independence and/or prepare for more independent living in the community.
  • Transition Guidelines - a checklist that outlines some key things youth and parents may want to consider prior to graduating high school. ie: getting picture ID, applying for ODSP, etc.  
Who can Make a Referral?
  • a parent can make a self referral
  • the school can make a referral with parental consent
For more information please contact us at 613-476-6038 or email us at info@clpe.on.ca