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Frozen Dream Catcher

Date:January 11, 2022
Time:10:30am - 11:30am

How to Make Ice Suncatchers (Great Winter Craft!) - FeltMagnet  Pretty frozen Dream Catchers

Join in with Roseanne as she provide instruction as to how to make these simple but yet very pretty winter catchers!.

Suncatchers made from ice are not only beautiful, but super easy to make! Spend some time outside gathering natural items to use in your suncatchers. The more colorful the better. Examples: branches, berries, twigs, flowers, buds, leaves. Lay out a plastic lid, paper plate, pie plate or silicone mold to use as the mold for your suncatcher. Fill the mold with water and add your natural elements to the water in any design of your choosing. Leave outside for a few hours or overnight to freeze. Gently remove the ice suncatcher from the mold and hang from a tree branch or window sill, lay them in the snow or on your porch. Pro tip: Rumor has it that if you want your ice to be crystal clear, boil the water first!  These make a wonderful activity any time you feel the urge to be creative, each and every one is a work of art. Call Rosanne if you have any questions 613 813 4508

Self-explanatory and they use an outdoor nature walk and frozen water , apple, orange or berry from the frig , gives it nice color.  Be adventurous with your mold, can be a block, pie plate, cookie sheet , bowl , jello mold

Topic: Frozen Dream Catchers
Time: Jan 11, 2022 10:30 AM 

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