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Kelly McKinney, Director

Kelly-McKinneyKelly is from Belleville originally and made a few stops in Toronto and France before moving to Picton. He has volunteered for several boards over the last 20 years, including President of Rotary Club of Belleville and President of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce.

Kelly has a strong business background and his education includes a BA in English Literature and an MBA from the University of Toronto. He also brings 16 years of risk management in his role as V.P. of McDougall Insurance.

By day he helps non-profits find the right balance of risk management and practicality offering sound advice on how to run operations and have fun at the same time.

He joined the board of Community Living Prince Edward County because he is passionate about inclusion for all. He is an avid cyclist, having lead bicycle trips in Canada, the U.S., France, China and New Zealand. He also did research for new biking and walking trips in Russia, Romania, Morocco, Israel, Jordan and Indonesia. He has four children with his wife Debbie McKinney.