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Linda Conley, Board President

linda conleyLinda Conley has been on the Board of Directors for Community Living Prince Edward for over 30 years and is in her second term as President. She is passionate about ensuring that people with intellectual disabilities are treated with dignity and respect and that we respond to each person’s goals and desires.  Linda’s past employment experience include that of an elementary school teacher with training in Special Education, and as, and as an Essential Skills Profiler.  She was also the Executive Director; Prince Edward Learning for several years and continues advocate literacy issues in her community.

Linda is a people person, creative and is a strong believer of the benefits of building healthy community partnerships.  She brings to the Board of Directors expertise and knowledge in budgeting and administration, organizational development and planning.

Linda has extensive experience on Board of Directors in both her professional and personal life serving on the board of Community Literacy Ontario, Literacy Link Eastern Ontario and that of her local church.   She has also given her time on numerous community committees and working groups.

Linda is a member of the local Grannies for Africa, with one of her real passions being an active and supportive mother and grandmother.  She also enjoys reading, gardening, traveling and exploring the world of social media.