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Heather Eaglesham, Self Advocates Representative

heather eagleshamHeather Eaglesham is the representative for the County Advocates Committee to Community Living Prince Edward Board of Directors.  She has direct responsibility to report to the Board of Directors on behalf of the committee to identify issues of importance that help to inform the strategic direction of the agency. She has served in this role for the past 10 years.

Heather takes an active role in her community as a member of the Women’s Institute. She is a strong advocate for the values of the Council of Community in that “we should not tolerate exclusion, prejudice or bullying, and instead are respectful.  She supports the vision that community is a place where all people are listened to, while recognizing that each person’s feelings and opinions matter.

She is a faithful fan of the Picton Pirates as well as has a keen interest in Horse Show Jumping and Public Speaking.  Over the past several years Heather has taken a leadership role in organizing educational sessions for the County Advocates and SAVE Council.  We are fortunate to have Heather as the Representative of the County Advocates on CLPE’s Board of Director.