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Laurie Foster, Community Living Prince Edward

Laurie shares, “When I was ready to find a new position, I was disappointed with the jobs that I was qualified for. I knew that I had a lot more I could offer a potential employer. When I learned about the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program, it felt like it might be the right next step for me.”

As part of her certification, Laurie worked at local long term care facilities. She was keen to take a more active role in peoples’ lives and soon realized that these placements weren’t an ideal fit for her aspirations.

Laurie shared, “I decided to focus on supporting people with intellectual disabilities.” This choice would be life changing for Laurie. Working in a person’s home,  she was actively involved in people’s lives and making a real difference. She notes, “I helped people learn new skills and be more independent. It was rewarding to help people celebrate their personal successes and be active.”

As her college program neared completion, Laurie jumped at a Community Living Prince Edward opportunity to provide support over the Christmas holidays. She shares, “Since joining CLPE 15 years ago, I’ve had part-time and full-time roles, worked as a coordinator and as a community support worker. I’ve worked in people’s homes and with many great people.”

Laurie notes, “I’ve seen people who we support get jobs, develop new skills and go on trips within Canada and beyond. I’ve been there when people have reunited with long lost family members. I’ve spent the last moments with people before they passed away. It’s an incredible experience to make such a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

She also shares, “Over the past 15 years, I’ve grown as a person and developed new skills. Every day at Community Living Prince Edward you have an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.”

Each and every day, Community Living Prince Edward team members like Laurie Foster are helping people achieve their goals here in the County