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A Letter from our Executive Director:

CLPE DirectorCommunity Living Prince Edward is proud to be celebrating 50 years of Inspiring Possibilities.  Our journey began when a group of dedicated parents made the decision to join together in their pursuit of building an inclusive community for their sons and daughters. This decision had a profound impact on the history of developmental services as well as our community, as it set the course for supporting people with the full participation, inclusion and citizenship in the life of the community and its economy.  It is our responsibility as an organization today to continue on the journey that the founding members set out for us when they envisioned a life of opportunity and possibilities for their sons and daughters even if others  did not. 

Over the years the organizations name has changed several times in response to the growing understanding that people with an intellectual disability have the same rights as all citizens to education, employment, dignity and respect, and to a home to call their own.  Today as we look forward I am both inspired and encouraged by the work of the County Advocates and the Family Engagement Network as they take us back to our grassroots of ensuring that the work we do is guided and directed by the voice of people and families. Their influence continues to lead us on a path of redeveloping and modernizing services that are responsive to the wishes and goals of the people we serve. 

Community Living Prince Edwards commitment to support people to live a good life is being realized through the work of families, employees and volunteers as we see people engaged in all aspects of their community. In turn our community has been enriched through the contributions of people’s diverse talents and skills. The impact is evident as community partners and businesses become advocates of the community living movement. 

The importance of leadership of both the past and present Board of Directors cannot be understated.  Their collective and personal contributions, guidance and expertise have been instrumental in ensuring that we stay on course in the fulfillment of our mission, goal and vision. 

I also want to thank all employees who have worked endlessly in order for people to achieve a good life.  The success and accomplishments that the organization has experienced is a direct result of the creativity, innovation and commitment of the employees of Community Living Prince Edward. Your perseverance and dedication does make a difference!

The name "Community Living" reflects the
growing understanding that the right to live a fully integrated life within the community belongs to all.