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FAMILY FORUM “Legal Capacity, Supports for Decision-Making & Alternatives to Guardianship” Presented to Community Living Prince Edward ~ July 8, 2021 - 7:00 pm Join Zoom Meeting:  Meeting ID: 898 7655 5730 Passcode: 004201
Free Workshop - Caring for ourselves and each other during unsettled times
On June 25th, TEND Conferences is holding a free compassion fatigue workshop titled "Caring for ourselves and each other during unsettled times". June 25th 2021 marks the 471th day of the WHO declaring a global coronavirus pandemic. Four hundred and seventy-one days of constantly changing protocols and public health recommendations, increased pressures on our systems and on our personal lives, all of this overlaid with a very complex time in North American society. In this session, Françoise Mathieu will explore lessons learned, what’s ahead and how we can continue to care for ourselves
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