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From Food Collaborative to The Food Collective

When 25 organizations with 38 people plus 4 community members came together in late 2017 and through 2018 to discuss, initially as a collaborative Vital Signs working group, Food Insecurity in Prince Edward County, they achieved astonishing results that no individual organization operating alone ever could. By the end of 2018 the collaborative had compiled a Theory of Change document to detail how to combat Food Insecurity in our municipality, in essence, a progressive way forward.

In early 2019, through a grant from the Rural Ontario Institute, a grant matched by seven strategic partners, a Community Demonstration Project was commenced to pilot strategies from the Theory of Change into actions and community engagement. Armed with a common agenda to combat Food Insecurity this initial strategic partnership has evolved and branded itself “The Food Collective”. It now has three Action Teams underway on over two dozen distinct activities aimed at community engagement through participation. 

Volunteers are invited to join The Food Collective, to join an Action Team, to join our partners, to build public awareness of Food Insecurity, improve education about and around food, and to improve access to affordable, nutritious food. The Food Collective members working on the Community Demonstration Project are: The Municipality of Prince Edward; The County Foundation; Hastings Prince Edward Public Health; Community Development Council of Quinte; Food To Share; Picton United Church Food Bank; Storehouse Wellington Food Bank; Prince Edward Learning Centre; Loyalist College Business Group.

We welcome your inquiries on how you can help or become involved! Contact The County Foundation at or any partner organization for further information.