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Spark Change In Your Community Joining Community Living Ontario's Campaign

Community Living Prince Edward has joined Community Living Ontario’s provincial campaign of ‘Spark Change In Your Community’.

More than 60 years ago a grassroots movement spread across the province that helped people and their families achieve greater understanding, respect and  above all else, belonging.  That energy, that spark was and continues to be the Community Living movement. And while  this network helped change the mind-set of many communities - from segregation to inclusion - there’s another chapter of this story that must be written - one that includes the full participation, inclusion and citizenship of all people and one that’s Inspiring Possibilities.

SPARKS are people who advance inclusion in their own lives, in the lives of others and in their communities.  CLPE nominated two SPARKS who have made a difference in the lives of youth by providing inclusive employment opportunities.

Lisa Lindsay:

The County of Prince Edward and Lisa supported Community Living Prince Edward’s Students at Work Program in 2016. Lisa recognized one student’s ability to complete the work he had been doing as part of a high school co-op and took steps to partner with Career Edge’s youth Job Connect Program and CLPE to move this co-op to paid employment. 

This student has now become a valuable part-time  employee with the County of Prince Edward.  Lisa is thoughtful in recognizing her Staff’s leaning styles, and she develops ways to assist the team to be successful. A Win-Win for everyone!

Shantz Towing:

Bryan and Darlene from Shantz Towing recognize that learning extends beyond the classroom walls. Kyle, a student at PECI had a keen interest in fixing things and working with his hands. Kyle was welcomed by the Shantz team. In partnership with PECI and CLPE, the focus has always been on nothing but success. Kyle felt a sense of pride and truly has found a place where he is needed.  

Kyle received PECI Public recognition from Matt Ronan (Guidance)  when he posted a picture of him on Twitter stating: PECI Panthers - check out the many co-op opportunities - learning extends beyond the classroom walls!!! Hard work and grit are valued in the school and the Workplace!!!