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Through the Lens A photographer's personal story

Through the Lens

New people come in and out of my life all the time. I lead photography trips and teach classes and my clientele comes from all over Ontario and Quebec. So how was I supposed to know when Josh signed up for camera tutoring that we would become such good friends?

Although we have a professional relationship, student-teacher, we have bonded through our shared experiences and our shared passion for taking pictures. No matter the weather, we head out and see what we can find. We have learned that some of our best shots come on dark, rainy or snowy blizzard days when no one else would even think to take out their cameras. For Josh, it’s not so much about capturing pretty landscapes or flowers, and certainly NOT birds! For him, it’s all about people. 

Josh’s open approach to life means he says exactly what he’s thinking without inhibition. Likewise, he is not shy to walk right up to people and ask their permission to take a picture. That’s a challenge to most photographers. Every store owner, barber, tattoo artist and postal worker along Picton’s Main Street knows Josh. His photographic    portfolio is a treasure chest of portraits of people posing naturally in their environments.

Using a bare minimum of camera equipment, Josh is documenting our piece of the world with his unique way of seeing and his way of interacting with his subjects.

person holding a camera on a boat