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Community Living Prince Edward hosts a variety of workshops, monthly meetings and events throughout the year, click below to learn more.

My Life, My Choice, My Community: Thriving in Your Neighbourhood
My Life, My Choice, My Community: Thriving in Your Neighbourhood
Every person is capable of leading a life that recognizes their unique gifts and contributions by developing valued social roles. At every stage of life, from childhood through to adulthood, families can utilize a social role mindset that will open up opportunities for their loved ones that will help them thrive in their community. Panelists include: Janet Klees, Durham Association for Family Resources & Services Julian Escallon, Musician and Video Creator Genia Steven, Founder of Good Things in Life Carolyn Fast, Independent Facilitator & Planner WHAT'S IN IT FOR
Achieving a Canadian Disability Benefit is a historic opportunity to end disability poverty. No other government in the world has made such a commitment. It will take a lot of work to turn that opportunity into a reality that is meaningful and inclusive. It will take widespread engagement by disabled people from every corner of the country. Including leadership from Quebec and those from racial minorities, the indigenous community, and those discriminated against because of age, race, colour, gender, and sexuality. It will also take widespread popular support from regular Canadians. Finally,
Virtual 6-week program with Children’s Mental Health Services
Do You Worry A Lot? Brain in Overdrive? Want to Manage Anxious Thoughts? Join us for a Virtual 6-week program with Children’s Mental Health Services to learn to effectively manage anxiety and create calm! November 11 - December 16
Free Webinar: Estate Planning Guide 2020
Community Living Ontario is partnering with PooranLaw to host a free webinar to showcase the updated Inspiring Possibilities: Estate Planning Guide 2020. Brendon Pooran will be presenting an overview of the Inspiring Possibilities: Estate Planning Guide and answering questions related to estate planning as part of a series of informative sessions geared to families. The guide covers all aspects of the tax, trust and estate planning process for people who have an intellectual disability and their families. Brendon will identify legislative and policy-related updates as reflected in the
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