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S.A.V.E. Council & County Advocates

What it means to be an advocate?

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Everyone has the right to be treated equally

Heather Eaglesham

Being Informed and helping others

Agnes Fraser

What is right and what is wrong

Dereck Simpson


Peter Riedel

The County Advocates Group advocate locally, regionally and provincially. County Advocates provide education to employees and community members through presentations, newsletters, etc.

S.A.V.E. Council is a time for people to get together to talk about things that are important to them and participate in education sessions and advocacy activities.





We are a group of self appointed advocates who believe that people with intellectual disabilities must have a voice.  Our group is able to bring attention to disability issues, help educate other people about their rights, and tell the agency what kind of services are important to us. 

Our group began in in the late 1990’s and called ourselves  “Consumer’s Council”.  When we started there were only 12 members in our group.  We decided that people having the right to learn was important to the members of the group.  Not only education for ourselves but that we needed to help others have the chance to learn as well. This meant education for community members, and staff about how people wanted to be treated with dignity and respect. At that time, with the closure of Prince Edward Heights, we  felt it was important to help the community understand people with disabilities and what we can do to give back to our community.  It was an important step in helping our community become a welcoming place where all people belong.

Since we began there have been many changes such as;  we are now called the County Advocates, we have over 40 members including both youth and adults. Education continues to be a main area of focus but we also talk about employment, housing options, and citizenship.

We have been  a leader in many community projects and events including;

· Presentations to Schools and Staff Teams about Bullying Awareness, Dignity and Respect, How we Want to Be Supported and Accessibility

· Fundraising for Adopt-A-Child, Cancer Society and the Food Bank

· Education for People about Rights, First Aid, Community Safety, Voting, Abuse Prevention etc.

· Representation at local, regional and provincial conferences and events

· Supported the Stamp out the “R” word campaign

· LINK Newsletter

· Advocate for the rights of people with disabilities

The County Advocates have accomplished many great things and are leaders and advocates.  Our work has made a difference for the people supported by Community Living Prince Edward and everyone in the community.