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Who we are:

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As part of Community Living Prince Edward’s commitment to engaging families at all levels a Family Engagement Network was formed in April 2014.  Since then family members of people receiving services meet monthly and provide each other with resources and information as well as serving as a partner to the organization regarding planning and improving upon services.  Over the course of the past few years the Family Engagement Network has been involved in several initiatives. 

  • The network registered on Partners for Planning Network as a Family Network in the Prince Edward area,
  • Supported the Gifts and Assets Ontario Coalition in writing a letter of backing for their cause to raise the ODSP asset limit
  • Attended the Family and Caregiver Session hosted by MCSS to engage with families about what supports are needed in the developmental services sector
  • Planned an in-service about wills, estates and RDSP’s where 15 families were in attendance and Kenneth Pope shared information to help them plan financially for the future
  • Attended a Family Engagement Visioning Day hosted by Community Living Ontario where they learned about other exciting activities that are happening in other areas to engage families
  • Provided suggestions on key areas of focus from the Family Feedback Survey
  • Participated in a workshop hosted by Leighton Jay; where shared his journey as a parent of a child with a developmental disability. He offered a fresh look at how to support and guide people to their reach their full potential.

Future projects are to develop a Family Engagement Network Brochure and increase membership within the network.  In addition, the Network is planning to meet with other Family Engagement Groups in the area throughout the year to build upon other ideas and generate more support for action items.  Furthermore, the network plans to once again be involved in the Annual Golf Tournament and will be raffling off a lottery tree with the proceeds going to creative housing options, lastly due to the success of the Family In-Service this will be an annual event that the Family Engagement Network will organize and offer to families.  Please join the network on the third Thursday of every month from September to May to connect with families, learn from each other and be part of designing the future for your family member.